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Kyoto, Japan

Filed in: Travel

Well, it turns out once you’ve found complete paradise, you don’t mind if you find internet access for a few days at a time. So, with my sincerest apologies, I will blog about everything now and get everyone caught up on all that I’ve been taking photos of for the last few weeks…. A few hints, amazing jungle landscape, beautiful villages with even more beautiful people, misty rice terraces, Balinese ceremonies, awe-inspiring coastlines…..

The story begins here, with the first stop being Osaka, Japan. An 8 hour layover ahead, I was happy to meet a new friend, Cyrus, with 2 of the same flights (SFO to Osaka- Osaka to Bangkok). We decided to trek out of the airport into the foreign land of Japan. Having never been to Kyoto, we decided that would be our day trip. With an equal amount of Japanese between us (NONE), this was going to be very interesting….

A stormy day in SF, not the greatest thing to see when about to cross the Pacific.

Let’s just say, during the first few days of the Swine Flu outbreak, this neighboring flight totaled about 10 people.

The book I was determined to finish on this journey… (which I did, and so now I am up one on my goal of reading one new book a year. You may be thinking, “Woah, slow down!” I know, it’s pretty unbelievable. If only art books and design magazines counted, I’d be well ahead of my game. I would recommend this for anyone wanting inspiration to get out and travel. Bonus: pgs. 79-80 includes the best mouth watering pizza experience ever put into words! That’s enough to get me back to Italy.

My vote for world’s cleanest train & train station:

Meet Cyrus, a very adventurous solo traveller on his way to Nepal realize his dream of seeing Everest. A three and a half week trip and notice the only baggage he brought…if I could only learn his efficiency! His ability to keep his cool would prove invaluable when we almost missed our train due to having a sushi dinner (When in Rome, right?)… sheer panic on my end when the only train available was the local train which got us into the airport with only minutes to spare…. A ridiculous Amazing Race experience!

If only we made it here before the park closed… but this shot was definitely worth the trip!

Japanimation…… Japanimation…..Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze in Ghost?…. Japanimation…..

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Train Station: The Spanish Steps of Kyoto. Couples everywhere and not a bad place to hang out… beautiful gardens at the top of these stairs, restaurants, shopping, skyline views….

I would re-visit Kyoto in a heartbeat! Eight hours really wasn’t that long when you are trying to travel with a language that looks like lots of tiny artwork. We had enough time to travel the hour to the city, find the temple, have some sushi, and catch our flight. There is so much there to explore! The city is so clean, quiet and full of helpful and happy people. I didn’t think I’d say I wished it was a longer layover!

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  1. Miranda and Adam says:

    Hilarious- I’ve also been reading that book for about a year (almost done and loving it)!

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