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18 years ago I slung a camera strap around my neck, and I’ve been capturing moments and memories that will be cherished for generations to come ever since. My goal? Put you at ease in front of the camera and document what matters and giving you something timeless in a fleeting world.

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Kashif + Jeni – A Tahoe Elopement


When it pours all morning and this is what the wedding ends up looking like…

Hailing all the way from the U.K., Kashif and Jeni chose Lake Tahoe for their destination elopement. With 300 days of sunshine here, it’s pretty rare that we get heavy rain for too long in July. The morning of, I stalked the radar incessantly. It was pouring in South Lake all day but just 20 minutes north, where we chose the ceremony site to be, seemed to remain untouched. We decided to go for it and it was as if there was someone in the heavens holding an umbrella over this breathtaking vista point. It was completely dry!




When they initially contacted me and told me their ideas, one wedding vendor came to mind.

The Hytch came on board, being the perfect catalyst to bring their vision together. Yeliz has a way of taking elopements to the next level with her pop-up wedding style and pulling together the right team to execute the details.

Jeni described wanting a ‘luxurious’ altar full of flowers, but not particular on what type of flowers.

Enter Meghon with Love and Lupines, who took that and ran with it!

The pampas grass arrangements built up from the ground, tucked into and complemented the setting more than perfectly! The curve of the design made it seem as if the florals were growing there naturally.




Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0007 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0018


Nancy, with Nancy Rice Artistry, styling Jeni as Kashif finishes his final touches.


Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0017 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0016 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0013 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0012 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0011 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0010 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0009 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0008Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0015 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0014Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0019


We made a quick stop at Round Hill Pines to let these two put their feet in the sand for the first time since they arrived in Tahoe. They were leaving the next day for Los Angeles so we had to make sure they visited a beach at least once!




Jeni said she would love to twirl in her gown for a few shots, almost as if she was asking me if she could. I told her “We’ll twirl in that gown in every setting we go to!” It’s your day brides, I have my ideas but ultimately LOVE doing what makes you feel alive!

I just adored watching these two take in the sights around them and ride that cloud nine feeling!


Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0026 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0025

Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0021 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0020Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0024 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0023 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0022 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0030 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0029 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0028Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0031 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0039 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0038 the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0036 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0035 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0034 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0033 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0032 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0041the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0042Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0047 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0046 the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0044 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0043Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0048 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0052 the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0058

We were all taken aback at the eloquence and poetic delivery of their vows.

It brought me to tears to listen to how intensely these two care for each other. I remember being so happy they had videographers to record the exchange… it was that moving.

It’s as if the rest of us standing nearby melted away, and it was just Kashif and Jeni, there alone on top of the world.

Juston, with The Hytch, officiates with a similarly tranquil articulation. People say I add a calming effect to their day and it’s safe to say Juston has that way with ceremonies.

Their video from Tweaking Reality Studios gave me chills!


the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0056the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe

…and that right there, is one of my favorite wedding images.


Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0002Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0059 the-best-locations-to-elope-in-lake-tahoe Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0064 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0065 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0066 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0069Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0070 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0067 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0068 Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0071Courtney-Aaron-Where-to-elope-in-Lake-Tahoe-0063


These two had dinner reservations to get to, but I don’t think any of us wanted to end the evening. They went on to tour California before returning to England. A few months passed and they traveled to their homeland of India to celebrate with their families in a beautiful celebration of their cultures.

I am continually humbled by the couples that invite me to play a role in their wedding day. To spend this intimate time with these two, having only spoken a few times and spent a few hours together and to be left with a lifelong connection. I have no doubt our paths will cross again and through the beauty of social media, no one is ever truly too far away. Thank you, Jeni and Kashif!


Styling, Officiant & Coordination: The Hytch

Florals: Love and Lupines

Rentals: Lucky Burro

Linens: Creative Coverings

Hair and makeup: Nancy Rice Artistry

Video: Tweaking Reality Studios

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